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2002 I found myself diagnosed: burnt out and depressed. As I sat on the bus on my way home from the doctor’s appointment, I realized:

“I did this to me!”


“If I created this mess, I could get myself out of it!”

The problem was that I did not know HOW.

I started looking for answers.

I tried to:

· think positive.

· set healthier boundaries in my interaction with others.

· change my behavior

It felt like a never-ending uphill battle.

4 years down the road I found The EFT Manual, on Gary Craigs website.

I started reading it.


It sounded too good to be true.

But I was unemployed, and I had plenty of time on my hands.

I figured it would not cost me anything to try.

Worst case scenario, I would prove that this tapping thing did not work.

I started tapping every day.

At least I found it calming.

So, I continued…

Three months later my parents came to visit.

As we sat in the kitchen, my mom looked at me and said:

“Monica, what have you done!”

I looked around in the kitchen, not sure what she meant.

It was the first time they came to visit since we moved.

So, she couldn’t be asking about any changes in my kitchen.

I was confused and answered:

“I don’t know, what have I done?”

She said:

“Your posture is so much better!”

That’s the moment I realized:

“This tapping thing does work”

Now I was excited to continue tapping.

Over the next few years, I started used tapping to deal with emotional issues.

I found my health slowly improved.

I had severe allergies and could hardly eat any fruit.

Having a salad wasn’t even an option (not that I cared much for salad anyway…)

My asthma, rashes and eczemas slowly disappeared.

Panic attacks and anxiety, disappeared.

Digestive issues, disappeared.

My gastric catarrh, gone.

The last thing to go was my chronic pain.

And now I wanted to share this gift with others.

I started a coaching “business”.

It was more of an expensive hobby, to be honest.

Because I could not market myself.

I could not charge for coaching.

I was unable to communicate the promise of EFT in a way that made sense for others.

I felt stupid and ashamed.

Have you ever felt: “There must be something I don’t understand?

But I have no clue what it is!”

Let me tell you: It’s a very unpleasant sensation.

That’s when I realized there was more work to be done.

I invested in high-end coaching.

With varying results.

I discovered the hard way that not every guru delivers on their promise.

But when I finally found how to use the body’s chakra system as a map to identify underlying issues, that’s when things started to change.

The understanding of the energy body, and how developmental psychology actually shapes the anatomy of the energy body made so much sense to me.

Now I had a roadmap that was clear and easy to follow.

Now, I understood why building a business and making money as an entrepreneur had been so difficult for me.

One of the last things that finally dawned on me was the reason why I got burned out in the first place.

I had always found it confusing that I was diagnosed as “burnt out”.

I never perceived myself as a high performer.

My self-image had always been that I was weak and a coward.

So how could I suffer from “burn out”?

It certainly wasn’t because I had achieved so much.

The problem was that I tried to perform as a Team Player and an Achiever.

These two qualities are my weakest.

Trying so hard to downplay my strengths and striving to be accomplished by focusing on my weakest qualities was exhausting to say the least.

Hence, I was diagnoses “burnt out” back in 2002.

That insight made such a big difference in my evolution as a coach.

Every individual has a unique energy body.

Understanding that energy body is crucial for the success my clients and I can experience together.

No two clients are alike.

They can never be coached the same way.

My task as a coach is to see everyone’s uniqueness.

And coach them on how to use their STRENGTHS.

Not how to overcome their weaknesses by using willpower.

Today I own my Charismatic Leader and my Creative Idealist.

It means

· I listen to that feeling in my gut (meaning I can only suggest, never tell my clients what to do)

· I see my client’s greatness (sometimes it can be intimidating)

· I laugh A LOT

I inspire and motivate my clients to own their uniqueness and harness the power of their strongest chakras and their life purpose.

Their path is very different from mine.

And that is exactly how it should be!

As for my diet:

I enjoy fruit and salads every day

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