You're Here to Lead Change

I hold the space for

And you are surrounded by other people’s ideas of how you should lead. There is no shortage of advice.

They are all well intended. They want to help. The questions is: Are they right for you?

Do you find them empowering?

Do they make your life easier?

Are they a good fit?

Most of the advice you get is based on ”Hey, this worked for me, you should do what I did”

You are unique. The way you choose to lead must be aligned with who you are.

When you lead based on what worked for someone else - the chances are you will feel that you are going against yourself. It will be a struggle and it won’t feed your soul. It will drain your energy and your confidence (which is the last thing you need).

You are here because you sense that there must be a better way to step into your power and fulfill your mission.

I am here to tell you: You’re right!

It doesn’t serve you, your mission or your community to follow someone else’s footsteps.

There absolutely is another way.

Let me show you how to charge up massive energy, set your soul on fire and stand out as a powerful leader.

And do it in a way that eliminates imposter syndrome, gives you peace of mind and naturally builds your charisma and authority.

(Did I mention that it will save you a ton of time and money too?)

It is all about bringing out MORE of YOU.

You know that feeling that you have in your gut, or in the pit of your stomach every now and then.

The one that is whispering, sometimes yelling: "There is more of you to bring out into the light!"

 Once again, you are right. There is.

I specialize in supporting entrepreneurs, community leaders and ChangeMakers as they bring out even more of their superpowers.

This is NOT about learning something new. It is about stepping into who you really are.

I see you.

I believe in you.

I hold space for you.

My clients tell me what I do is magic.It's not.

However, I do have a huge toolbox. And I make it simple.

Not to say that it doesn't require work. It does.

But it is FAST. And we create BIG shifts.

Because you don’t have forever.

The change you are looking to create can’t wait.

There are people in dire need of you and what you offer - yesterday!

You will have to face challenges.
But you cannot afford to be thrown off or waste precious time and energy in big backlashes.
You need to deal with them head on.

Let me guide you to your unique way of leadership.

I specialize in supporting entrepreneurs, community leaders and ChangeMakers who want to have a positive impact on the world using strategies that are authentic to them. And that create the biggest possible impact with minimum waste energy. The only way to do that is being MORE of YOU!

Community leaders

During our time together we will

  • have you ground even more and master holding your space in a bigger environment

  • enhance you unique leadership qualities to embrace a bigger group of people

  • master the ability to "hold a room" a big one

  • define more clearly what your need from your team

  • become even more picky about who you work with

  • raise your charisma and frequency, to attract bigger opportunities and deals

  • clearly define your next step

How it works:

We meet twice a month for 60+ minutes.

20 minute laser coaching when you need it.

Before closing that BIG deal. Entering the biggest stage yet. Or having that conversation with the whole team.

THE INVESTMENT: $1200 a month.
Or $980 a month if you sign up for 6 months or longer.

Leading a sizable community, managing a team is demanding, There are many strong wills on your team, not always pulling in the same direction. It can be lonely to be the one who is in charge of everything. They all want your attention, to be seen by you, in the best possible way, yes. But it gets demanding. I am your sounding board, allowing you to hear your own voice in the midst of it all. I make sure you don't get lost in your mission.

What you get: Sanity, peace of mind, bigger results with less energy.
And your community and a team rest in confidence that you have it all under control. That is priceless!


Now you need more of everything!

  • time

  • space

  • charisma

  • authority

  • you need to be super selective about how you spend your energy

  • your team will need a serious upgrade

  • your asks are so much bigger

  • you are taking on the world

What do you need? Are we a good fit?

Let's have that conversation.
We are both picky about who we work with.

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